Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Golden Opportunity For Illinois

Iowa has just handed Illinois a golden opportunity to achieve retail competitiveness by raising the cost of gasoline in Iowa by ten cents a gallon. Now, there is less incentive for Illinois motorists to cross the Mississippi to buy fuel, and while there, doing other shopping and dining. Perhaps now, more Illinois dollars will be spent in Illinois paying for Illinois roads, with sales taxes going to Illinois governments AND NOT TO IOWA ROADS AND GOVERNMENTS! How are the geniuses in our Illinois legislature reacting? They want to raise the Illinois tax on gasoline by thirteen cents and double the sales tax on groceries and medicine! Iowa has no sales tax on groceries and medicine. Rock Island County has an April 7 vote on adding another on percent sales tax! Illinois is doing its very best to not only squander this opportunity to become competitive, but actually making Illinois retailers less competitive! Write to Governor Rauner and to your Illinois legislators asking them not to squander this golden opportunity to receive more sales and gasoline tax revenue by not raising taxes and VOTE NO on the April 7 school sales tax referendum! If Illinois raises all these proposed taxes Rock Island County could become a retail desert as more shoppers head to Iowa for lower prices.

Friday, February 20, 2015

We can't cut state taxes, but we can stop local one

Richard Rogers had the following letter published in the February 20,2015 Dispatch/Rock Island Argus. He makes some excellent points. "The schools are after more money from the taxpayer because they are unable to spend properly. ..... Consider what was reported on Feb. 6 for Illinois residents: An increase to a 2 percent on food and drugs, an increase of 13 cents per gallon gas tax, a $20 increase for registration of vehicles, an increase of $5 for drivers license renewal. ..... These increases you can do little or nothing about, but you can vote no on the 1 percent sales tax for Rock Island County schools, as this will add even more to the tax burden being dropped on us. ..... The schools very carefully have placed this vote on a historically unattended election so that this vote will be controlled by very few people, many of whom may have a vested increase to increase taxes. ..... Voters have turned down tax increases repeatedly, and schools are trying yet again. Schools need to cut administrative costs. ..... Get out and vote in April; just say no again. ..... What the state is proposing will affect everyone, regardless of income source, with higher costs for food, gasoline, and driving. It is time to force the schools to use money wisely. ..... Administrative costs are outrageous. At least three superintendents make at least $175,000 per year. The director of the Illinois Department of Corrections, responsible for 49,000 felons in prison, plus those on parole, makes $150,000. Think about it before you vote."

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Vote no on RICo sales tax referendum for schools

DAVID KIMBELL had the following letter in the February 17, 2015 Dispatch/Rock Island Argus. It is short, to the point and effectively makes the case against the April 7 ballot question. ..... marks paragraph breaks. " Once again the Rock Island County schools are trying to raise the sales tax on the middle class and poor. This is the third time the county schools have had a referendum asking the middle class and poor for money, but did the county schools have a referendum letting the people vote on Common Core or a referendum on demolishing Audubon School? ..... The sales tax increase will hurt South Park Mall; it will hurt all small business in Rock Island County. Vote no on the sales tax increase referendum."

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Compare Rock Island-Milan with Davenport Schools

In 2012 the Davenport schools spent $11,193 per pupil. In 2012 the Rock Island-Milan school district spent $12,153 per pupil. A difference of $960 per pupil! Obviously all those added layers of bureaucracy in Rock Island County schools add to the cost as do all those other frills that do nothing to prepare our children for a productive career. Rock Island County schools do not need revenue from yet another tax increase. They need to spend the more than ample revenue they are now receiving more wisely. Vote NO April 7.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Are Our Schools Country Clubs? Or Places Of Education?

The Rock Island-Milan School Board was reviewing possible cuts that might be made if state aid were to decline. Among the programs that might have to be eliminated were GOLF and TENNIS! GOLF? TENNIS? Is this a country club??? To save $1,080,000 they might have to add two students to every class. Currently there are only 28 students per class in Kindergarten through sixth-grade, 25 in seventh and eighth grade classrooms and 24 in high school. When I was in Elementary School there 48 students in a class! Most of the cuts in this worst case state funding scenario are cuts that should have been made years ago without any pressure from the state. In fact, there are many more cuts that should be made to the bloated bureaucracy that eats up so much taxpayer money. On a cost per pupil basis: OUR SCHOOLS GET MORE THAN AMPLE MONEY. WELL ABOVE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE! LET'S VOTE NO NEW TAXES UNTIL WE SEE THEY USE MONEY MORE WISELY!

If sales tax passes, RICo must replace taxes lost to Iowa

BILL LONG had this humorous letter in the February 11 Dispatch/Rock Island Argus and the Quad City Times. "Want to increase revenue to Illinois and Rock Island County? Just reinstall the toll booths on the bridges between Iowa and Illinois. We will capture funds from all the Illinois residents who are consistently going over to Iowa to shop. Then we can increase the taxes some more in Illinois, that will increase the traffic and the number of tolls will increase and also our revenue! ..... This is a problem we have been dealing with over the years and adding another tax will only compound the problem. There is no instant solution to this problem, however we do know that increasing the sales tax in Rock Island County is NOT the answer. ..... Our schools will have to learn to function within their budget. They need to review the distribution of money allocated to physical assets and personnel. ..... The pending referendum for a sales tax in Rock Island County is old news and should be defeated again. Those pushing for its passage should be using their energy to find better ways to distribute the funds the schools are already getting. ..... We have recently made a substantial change in state leadership. They are in the process of straightening out our budget and the last they need is to burden them with another local tax. Let's give them the opportunity to do the job we elected them to do. I urge you to spread the word to your neighbors to vote NO on the school tax referendum in the April election."

Sunday, February 8, 2015

They Are Being Sneaky

I am sure everyone has noticed that once again the Rock Island County 1 percent school facilities question is on the ballot in a low turnout election. THEY DON'T HAVE THE GUTS TO PUT IT ON THE BALLOT IN A HIGH TURNOUT GENERAL ELECTION! THEY KNOW IT WOULD BE SOUNDLY DEFEATED! No, it is on the April 7 ballot where there are very few contests. They are being very quiet hoping that most voters will not even know a huge increase in the sales tax is on the ballot and not vote. That is where you come in. You must help inform voters that it is important that they vote on April 7. Most voters, when they know about this sales tax vote will vote NO and will thank you for helping to spread the word. WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR, SEND IT TO BOTH NEWSPAPERS. TELL ALL YOUR ACQUAINTENCES ABOUT THIS BALLOT QUESTION. WITH YOUR HELP, THIS SALES TAX INCREASE WILL ONCE AGAIN BE DEFEATED!