Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Voters, see for yourself why US needs Trump

CAROL BAY had this letter in the January 27 Dispatch/Argus. ..... marks paragraph breaks. "After watching all the Republican debates and seeing Donald Trump speak at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds and watching many of his speeches on YouTube, I am convinced Trump is by far the best candidate for president. ..... His positions on Islamic terrorism, the Veteran's Administration, illegal immigration, the global economy, health care, gun control, taxes, trade, Common Core and many other issues are what almost all Americans want. His reputation as a tough negotiator and a successful businessman indicate he should be able to deliver at least partially on most of his promises. ..... Don't judge Trump on the short soundbites on the TV news or the few paragraphs in the newspaper reports. See the complete speeches on YouTube. There are dozens available. ..... Trump drew 35,000 enthusiastic people in Mobile, Ala., and more than 20,000 several other times. These speeches are events unmatched in American history. See them for yourself and then judge whether you want to be part of this movement to "Make America Great Again." ..... To learn Trump's complete positions on the issues, go to While there, look at the press releases and look at the Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook links. See the crowds that go to hear Trump speeches. ..... Trump scares many people because he is often politically incorrect and will upset business as usual, but America cannot afford more business as usual. Donald Trump will end business as usual...... See for yourself on YouTube and Right now America needs Donald J. Trump."

IA, IL voters can restore dream by electing Trump

LAWRENCE BAY had this letter in the January 21 Dispatch/Argus and the January 26 Quad-City Times. "America is in decline. Our enemies do not fear us. Our allies do not trust us. Our manufacturing base has almost vanished. Our education system is a failure though we spend the most per student. ..... Many Americans fear for our children's future or our own later years. ..... Atrocities are committed in the name of Islam on every continent, yet the Democrats persist in saying these atrocities have nothing to do with Islam. How can those who refuse, when repeatedly asked, to say the words "Radical Islamic Jihadists" be trusted to fight and defeat Islamic terrorists? ..... Most Americans still believe in American exceptionalism. We know that America has been a great country for our immigrant ancestors and should be a great country for our descendants. ..... We yearn for a leader who will help restore the American Dream. ..... Donald Trump, more than any other candidate, articulates the vision for America that many of us share. ..... On February 1, Iowa Republicans have the opportunity to start the rebirth of the American Dream by caucusing for Donald Trump. If you are a registered Democrat or Independent who wishes to take part in this renaissance, come to the Republican Caucus in your precinct, register as a Republican and vote for Trump. ..... Illinois Republicans will have the opportunity of finishing the nomination process on March 15 and making Trump the Republican nominee for president. ..... Let's restore the American Dream for ourselves and for future generations by electing Donald J. Trump. Let's make America great again."

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Elected class, be warned

Port Byron Township Trustee CRAIG HOLLISTER had this angry letter in the January 5 Quad-City Times AND the January 7 Dispatch/Argus. "What will 2016 bring? ..... New taxes. Thanks to the Rock Island County Board's mismanagement of our money that we trusted with them. ..... Even in my little town, Port Byron, taxes jumped 4.9 percent after officials bragged all over town how good they handled our money. ..... Oh wait, how good was that Port Byron? You purchased the Old Academy with our money and tore it down, taking it off the tax rolls. You purchased a house on Main Street, taking it off the tax rolls. I have news for you, you're not in the real estate business, leave that to Donald Trump. ..... Elected officials of Rock Island County, Port Byron, Illinois, the U.S., take heed. Your political days are numbered. You have spent us to the ground, in fact we're just about dust. ..... It's our money you're spending, not yours. We need a constitutional overhaul in all of government. How dare you disregard your oath of office to defend and support the Constitution. We have children running for office and getting elected in both parties. Oh for the time when we can get rid of this curse and elect actual adults. ..... We need people like Sen. Ted Cruz who knows the Constitution and will obey it. People like Patrick Harlan who is running against Cheri Bustos. ..... We don't need a Trump or a Clinton. We need men and women who understands the only way to save this nation is going back to what is true and trusted. The Constitution."

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

RICo resident may look elsewhere given high taxes

GAYLORD HELMS of Port Byron wrote this letter for the December 30 Dispatch/Argus. I am writing to vent my frustration on more tax increases. ..... It is probably pointless, since so many before me have already expressed their disappointments, BUT the taxpayers are still being robbed. ..... Why we can't have a referendum to vote for these increases is beyond me. ..... We not only have another salary to pay, with a new Rock Island County administrator, bur he adds insult to injury by immediately raising our taxes by 16.6 percent. The county board votes on the increase and it fails, so you take a recess and vote again until it passes. ..... That hardly seems democratic. Being retired and on a fixed income, like many others in this county, we cannot continually afford these increases. ..... By living in Hampton Township, I'm faced by yet another increase for Silvis schools. We incurred a huge tax when a new school was built several years ago, and now you want another substantial increase. ..... What happened to the revenue we were supposed to get for funding schools and roads from the casinos? Yeah! ..... We've lived in Rock Island County all our lives but are considering moving elsewhere."

Thursday, December 24, 2015

High property taxes are destroying RICo, Illinois

CAROL BAY of Port Byron made these complaints about property taxes in this December 24 letter in the Quad-City Times AND December 29 Dispatch/Argus. ..... marks paragraph breaks. "This year the property tax on my home was $4,48028. Apparently that is not enough. Rock Island County raised property taxes 16.8 percent plus another increase for the Forest Preserve District. Riverdale Schools are raising my property tax 4.5 percent and the village of Port Byron 4.9 percent. Black Hawk College also raised my property taxes. ..... Every year, our property taxes go up far higher than the rate of inflation. No matter how much money they get, they always claim they need more. Yet, for all this money our schools and governments get from the taxpayer nothing seems to get any better. Where does my money go? ..... We know that property tax rates are lower in Iowa. Realtors know it. Prospective home buyers know it. Homes in Rock Island County can only be sold at a steep discount. ..... Many other letter writers have made the same complaints but left unsaid is how this is turning much of Rock Island County into deteriorating neighborhoods and this blight will only spread with each additional tax increase. ..... Every dollar that goes toward increased property taxes means fewer dollars left for home maintenance and improvements. Declining home values are also a powerful disincentive. Why pour money into a home that is steadily losing value? ..... Illinois needs to adopt Gov. Bruce Rauner's Turnaround Agenda, and local governments and schools need to make some simple reforms. Iowa shows the way: end over-bureaucratization, repeal prevailing wage, stop raising taxes, and make Illinois competitive again."

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Stop Illinois insanity

STEPHEN WILSON of Milan had this letter published in the September 21, 2015 Quad-City Times. "As election season unfolds, I feel the need to revisit a subject I believe all voters should look upon once again. That is the definition of the word "insanity". This was a word I was taught meant doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result each time. How appropriate is this word regarding elections? Very! ..... We as voters, exercise the same insanity each election, by sending the very same people back to office, expecting a different outcome based on their false assertions. Witness the debacle in Illinois -- billions in unpaid bills and not a single plan to look at to alleviate the situation. Not a one. ..... Is this not the very definition of insanity? I think so. Personally, when I go to the polls this season and look at the candidates, I will look for incumbents and then vote against that person. We have had way more than our share of career politicians and failed business and professional people try to make it in public life with a literal guarantee of tenure. Seriously? ..... The state of Illinois, its agencies, and education employment rolls are bloated beyond comprehension. ..... I believe a public referendum asking for public input on solutions for the fiscal ills of the state of Illinois is definitely in order."

Monday, December 21, 2015

RICo, Scott comparison letter ignored some key facts

BILL LONG of Rock Island had this letter in the December 21 Dispatch/Argus pointing out the true costs of the Rock Island County Board. "A recent letter tried to focus on the reasons for the decline in business and population in Illinois and Rock Island County. While it stated that the average weekly wage in Iowa is about $780 and in Illinois, it failed to suggest that Iowa is a right to work state and Illinois is not. ..... This is due to union influence in Illinois and also pushes the cost of public projects higher, (prevailing wage); higher cost of public projects equates to smaller number of projects. The letter is also a covert pitch for the implementation of the progressive state income tax. ..... It tried to compare the cost of the county boards in Scott and Rock Island County. ..... The writer failed to point out that the Scott County Board is a full time position at around $50,000 annual salary, while the Rock Island County board is part-time, with an average of $2,400 annually, and a target of 20 hours per week. There are several members of the Rock Island County board who will dispute that they put in the 20 hours. ..... He failed to mention that over and above this, Rock Island County board members receive $100 per month for attending standing committee meetings, some are on four different committees. They also receive $60 for attending special appointment meetings, I notice that one of them apparently is on four different ones. Beyond this, they receive mileage, a pension and health insurance. ..... In November these payments (excluding salary, pension and health payments) amounted to $9,096.99. Know any other part-time job with these perks? ..... To make some kind of point, have the facts."