Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An old letter, still valid today.

The following letter by Lawrence Bay appeared in the March 12,2014 Quad City Times in rebuttal of the Times endorsement of the sales tax increase. The points raised are still valid for the April 7 election and every future tax referendum. "I could fill this page with reasons to oppose a school sales tax for Rock Island County. In fact, I could fill an entire edition with stories of how this sales tax would harm the economy of Rock Island County. The Quad City Times, in endorsing the 1 percent sales tax increase to be voted on in the March 18 ballot, correctly pointed that Scott County has a 1 percent sales tax for schools and that many Rock Island County consumers help pay for Scott County schools. What the Quad City Times did not mention is that Scott County has a flat 7 percent sales tax on most purchases; there is no sales tax on food and medicine. If this 1 percent Rock Island County sales tax is approved, the sales tax in Moline and Rock Island on most purchases would be 8.5 percent. The sales tax on prepared food, liquor, and at restaurants would be 10 percent! That's a sales tax difference of 3 cents on every dollar between Rock Island and Moline restaurants and those in Scott County. If Rock Island County voters approve this sales tax increase, even more Rock Island consumers will help fund Scott County schools. Go to any Davenport gas station and see how many Illinois motorists are paying for Iowa roads. Higher taxes are almost never the answer, especially where there are five bridges that allow prudent consumers a choice. To protect the economy of Rock Island County vote "no" on March 18."

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