Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Are Our Schools Country Clubs? Or Places Of Education?

The Rock Island-Milan School Board was reviewing possible cuts that might be made if state aid were to decline. Among the programs that might have to be eliminated were GOLF and TENNIS! GOLF? TENNIS? Is this a country club??? To save $1,080,000 they might have to add two students to every class. Currently there are only 28 students per class in Kindergarten through sixth-grade, 25 in seventh and eighth grade classrooms and 24 in high school. When I was in Elementary School there 48 students in a class! Most of the cuts in this worst case state funding scenario are cuts that should have been made years ago without any pressure from the state. In fact, there are many more cuts that should be made to the bloated bureaucracy that eats up so much taxpayer money. On a cost per pupil basis: OUR SCHOOLS GET MORE THAN AMPLE MONEY. WELL ABOVE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE!ROCK ISLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT 41 RECEIVES $11,562 PER PUPIL, THE HIGHEST IN ROCK ISLAND AND SCOTT COUNTY YET ON THE NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND TESTS ON READING ONLY 30.1% MET THE NATIONAL STANDARD, THE LOWEST IN THE TWO COUNTIES, ON MATH ONLY 25.9% MET THE NATIONAL STANDARD, AGAIN THE LOWEST TEST SCORES IN SCOTT OR ROCK ISLAND COUNTY. HOW CAN WE BELIEVE THAT GIVING OUR SCHOOLS MORE MONEY WILL HAVE ANY BENEFIT TO OUR CHILDREN? LET'S VOTE NO NEW TAXES UNTIL WE SEE THEM USE MONEY MORE WISELY!

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