Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rauner cleans up after Dems

JIM DIETRICH had this letter in the August 1 Dispatch/Argus. ..... marks paragraph breaks. "Illinois state Rep. Mike Smiddy once again blames Gov. Rauner for the financial plight facing Illinois. Gov. Rauner has been in office for seven months. The Democrats have controlled both houses of the Illinois General Assembly for decades. ..... So where does the blame truly rest? With the Democrat controlled assembly, and the special interests that control them. Rep. Smiddy's declaring the governor to be the villain, is at best childish. But this is what we have come to expect from Rep. Smiddy. Other than deficit spending, Rep. Smiddy has yet to offer any real solutions to the budget problem. ..... For decades, they have been getting whatever they wanted unchecked. House Speaker Mike Madigan has been in Springfield for 40 years. Does anyone else see this as part of the problem? The Democrats proposed a budget which Gov. Rauner vetoed; now Democrats are saying he wanted this budget crisis to continue for political gain. ..... The Democrats have a supermajority in both houses and could override Gov. Rauner's veto or raise taxes anytime they wish. It's the Democrats who are dragging out this budget mess, just to make the governor look bad. ..... We have a governor saying, enough is enough, and is making the hard choices his predecessors have refused to make. It might be worth noting, the only thing the governor didn't veto was education funding. ..... There are many questions everyone is asking, but are they truly the right ones?"

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