Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Time for voters to take a time out, elect new RICo leaders

LOUIE ALONGI of Rock Island had this letter in the December 18 Dispatch/Argus. "We must look at Iowa. ..... Recent letters from some Democrats and labor leaders have criticized earlier letters from fiscal conservatives comparing taxes and government in Rock Island and Scott counties. ..... They may complain about the negative message, but they cannot deny the irrefutable fact that Scott County and Iowa are prospering while Rock Island County and Illinois are becoming stagnant. ..... Scott County population is rapidly growing while Rock Island County is losing population. In 2014, there were 186 housing starts in Scott County versus six here. Scott County collected $147.4 million in sales taxes versus $74.5 million in RICo. These are facts which cannot be disputed. ..... The answer for Illinois and RICo always is "raise taxes"! The property tax levies are going higher and the county and schools are considering a referendum in 2016 to raise our sales taxes higher. In Springfield the only question is which taxes will be raised and how high? ..... The Rock Island County Board recently passed a 16.8 percent property tax increase by two votes after first losing by two votes and then taking a five minute break. This was a legal procedure, according to Robert's Rules of Order. Of course, Robert did not call for the five minute break, the county board chairman did. ..... The voters need to take a time-out also and vote for persons interested in making corrections to the bad decisions of the past and make RICo and Illinois great again. ..... We must look at Iowa for some ideas that would produce some cost savings. NOT just tax increases."

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