Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Monday, July 4, 2016

Time to repeal Prevailing Wage Law

LAWRENCE BAY had this letter published in the May 13 Dispatch/Argus. "Each June, by state law, every Illinois governmental body has to consider the prevailing wage. Most mindlessly pass a Prevailing Wage Ordinance thus endorsing this wasteful use of the taxpayer dollars. Others simply ignore the issue since the state determines the prevailing wage rate anyway and there is no need to take any action. ..... A third way is being used by many Illinois local governments: passing a resolution calling for the Illinois Legislature to repeal the Prevailing Wage Law! This tells the taxpayers that the local government is only paying prevailing wage on construction projects because it is required by Illinois law. ..... Regardless of which course the local government takes, current Illinois law requires that an artificially inflated "prevailing wage" be paid on all government-financed construction projects. This adds greatly to the cost of building schools, roads, libraries, courthouses and every other governmental improvement. ..... Prevailing wage is why taxes in Illinois constantly increase. Improving the Rock Island County courthouse would be a lot cheaper without prevailing wage. So would a lot of other county improvements. The same is true for our municipalities and schools. Property taxes would not be as high if prevailing wage were repealed. ..... Demand that your school boards pass that resolution urging the Legislature to repeal prevailing wage. There would be no need for the one percent sales tax increase if prevailing wage were repealed. Iowa has no prevailing wage law. Indiana repealed theirs. To be competitive, Illinois must follow.

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