Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

County improving, but he still says no to sales tax

BILL LONG of Rock Island has this letter in the September 13 Dispatch Argus and September 8 Quad City Times. "Rock Island County government will have a referendum on the November ballot asking for a half cent increase in the sales tax. ..... This should be an easy no vote. ..... Our county administrator has made several positive changes since he came to Rock Island County. Most of these are a definite savings to the taxpayer. ..... Some examples are refinancing several bonds at a savings of $700,000; the firing of the group that had been hired to manage Hope Creek, which was costing us $40,000 per month; eliminating benefits for the part-time county board members; the trimming of a few employees and an effort to change the cumbersome and costly committee system. ..... These changes coupled with recent 16-plus percent increase in the county property tax levee and the recent statement that the assessed valuation of the county is increasing should provide additional revenue enhancements. ..... While we have to be aware that Dave Ross is making positive strides, he has limited jurisdiction over elected personnel. The fact is the cost of county government must be lowered. ..... During a discussion at a recent committee meeting, it was apparent that there were some resisting changes to the committee system. Those resisting the changes were primarily against, them because they saw them as a loss of power, control and compensation. ..... These are primarily those who continue to resist any positive changes. ..... It is my opinion that with the pending changes and continued efforts on the administrators part, we can continue to show improvements. ..... I am again encouraging a no vote on this tax increase and asking you to do the same."

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