Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Illinois Q-C is taxed too much

CRAIG HOLLISTER had this letter published in the March 18 Dispatch/Argus and March 20 Quad City Times. "Yet again the voters of Rock Island County have to vote on raising the sales tax. We said no in 2009. No in 2014. Now we have to say no again? ..... When will no mean no? Are they that clueless? The voters don't want another stinking tax shoved down their throats. We are taxed too much as it is. ..... We turn it down not because we don't love our children. We turn it down because we want and desire Rock Island County to succeed. This county is dying due to high taxes. This county also has a reputation of being corrupt and inefficient. Are we to trust them with even more money? I think not. ...... Look at the shoppers driving across the river because of Rock Island County's and Illinois' high taxes. It seems that every week I read a story or and editorial that says Rock Island County is falling further behind Scott County. 200 million Rock Island County dollars are spent elsewhere, and we are again being asked to raise more taxes? This county and Illinois are in a hole because of high taxes and government waste. You don't climb out of a hole by digging deeper. We need to cut the tax burden and cut the waste! ..... And what about Illinois wanting to increase the gasoline tax by 13 cents? This, and the sales tax increase hurt the poor. Hurt the single woman. Hurt the middle class. Hurt everyone. ..... I will no doubt vote a big "NO" on April 7."

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