Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sales Tax Facts

This information on the school sales tax is from Illinois Policy Action and can be found at Reading it should convince almost anyone to vote NO on April 7. (..... will mark paragraph breaks.) THE SALES TAX NEVER EXPIRES AND VOTERS CANNOT REPEAL IT. No County school facility tax has ever been repealed in Illinois. Citizens cannot initiate a vote to repeal the tax hikes. The taxes cannot be repealed by a county or school board as long as any school district in a county is using the money to pay off debt. ..... HIGHER TAXES WON'T REDUCE PROPERTY TAXES. The County School Facility Tax law doesn't make any mention of property taxes or property tax relief. And it doesn't give taxpayers any rights or legal remedies to force school districts to keep their promise to cut property taxes. ..... Champaign County passed this sales tax hike in 2009. Most residents never saw property tax relief; in fact, taxpayers in 12 out of 13 school districts saw property tax bills go up by average of 22 percent. ..... AN OUT-OF-STATE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION IS BEHIND THIS TAX HIKE. An international banking conglomerate called Stifel Nicolaus initiates sales tax referendum campaigns by approaching and recruiting local superintendents and school boards. They want to make money by making you pay higher taxes. Stifel helps school districts establish, guide and finance fake grassroots campaign committees in support of the tax hikes. Stifel profits by handling the bond sales of local school districts after a tax hike goes into effect. ..... Stifel is joined by other large investment firms, construction companies, school design firms. and banking institutions who actively push pro-tax campaigns on unsuspecting voters.

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