Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A late letter from Mark Lioen

Mark Lioen sent this letter to the Dispatch/Rock Island Argus, possibly too late for publication. " As a result of their well-funded campaign to persuade Rock Island County voters to impose a one percent sales tax in the April 7th referendum, I am prone to ask whether the tactics they've used to promote their goal, i.e. phony polls using arguments to persuade residents to vote "yes" (push polling)and the unethical use of school publications to promote the effort as well as the apparent collusion of school administrators, taint the claims they've made? Shouldn't such a duplicitous campaign undermine the claim that they would reduce property taxes were you to vote for such an additional tax? ..... If they're asking voters to sacrifice in the name of the public interest and the interests of our children, perhaps we, in turn should ask for sacrifice all-around. Will our legislators ask for an exemption from the Prevailing Wage and competitive bidding in order that these schools can be repaired for a reasonable cost? Will the County Board reduce its size, in accord with a previous referendum approved by the voters, in order that the cost savings might be used for the improvement of our schools? Since they've not and are unlikely to do so, I can only assume that it is self-interest just as much as public interest that has motivated those campaigning for a "yes" vote. Considering the tactics and motivation serve to discredit the campaign to approve the measure, the only conclusion must be to give the one percent tax a resounding "no" on April 7th."

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