Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Friday, June 19, 2015

Port Byron Township rejects prevailing wage measure

CAROL BAY, a Port Byron Township trustee, had this in the June 19 Dispatch/Argus and June 20 Quad-City Times. "Port Byron Township trustees voted 3-1 against adopting the annual Prevailing Wage Ordinance at its June 11 meeting. The Illinois Prevailing Wage Act requires that all Illinois governmental bodies pay this so-called "prevailing wage" on all taxpayer-funded projects which adds 10 percent to 35 percent to the cost. All Illinois governmental bodies are supposed to adopt this ordinance every June. Across Illinois many trustees are balking at this fleecing of the taxpayers. Iowa and 18 other states have no "Prevailing Wage" law. Illinois can get more construction without raising taxes by eliminating "Prevailing Wage". ...... Illinois is broke, caused by overspending and by not using its tax revenue wisely. Eliminating the Prevailing Wage Act to allow for competition within the workforce would allow construction of needed facilities throughout the state for less money. For example, a new roof in the private sector on a school building would cost 20-30 percent less than in the public sector. A much-needed library expansion could be done less expensively. Roads could be repaired for less, taxes would not have to be constantly raised. ..... If the state of Illinois reformed or eliminated many unnecessary rules and regulations, perhaps businesses and residents would remain in Illinois. An inward migration of people and businesses could result in more jobs -- a people and business friendly state could turn around the economy in Illinois. ..... Port Byron Township trustees have made a first step. Other governmental bodies across the state have made a similar stand. Together we send a message to Springfield. ..... Carol (Bay)Morris, trustee, Port Byron Township NOTE: The Village of Port Byron also rejected the Prevailing Wage Ordinance on June 15.

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