Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Is the Quad-City Times trying to destroy Illinois?

Lawrence Bay wrote this in rebuttal of a May 11 Quad-City Times editorial. The Times will not print this letter but everyone is encouraged to modify and send this to the Times to call attention to their efforts to harm the Illinois Quad Cities. "May 11 the Quad-City Times, in an editorial, opposed Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's efforts to reform Illinois labor practices by creating employee empowerment zones that could outlaw compulsory union dues, block prevailing wage laws and other labor agreements that only exist in Illinois, not in Iowa. ..... The Quad-City Times does not urge that Iowa become a prevailing wage or union shop state but urges that Illinois continue to retain its competitive disadvantage with all of its neighboring states. The Times also endorses higher taxes in Illinois while opposing Iowa tax increases. It seems that the Quad-City Times is actively trying to tilt the Quad City Area playing field even more away from Illinois and toward Iowa. ...... Illinois is losing businesses and residents because of high taxes and onerous regulations. These figures from Illinois Policy illustrate the problem: every state has lower workman's compensation insurance than Illinois, per 1,000 steel fabricators earning $40,000 per year an Illinois company would save $2,704,000 by locating in Iowa, $3,132,000 in Indiana or $3,440,000 in Kentucky; every bordering state has lower average property taxes than Illinois' $3,939 per year, Iowa's is $2,542, Indiana's is $1,507; Illinois is almost completely surrounded by Right To Work states that are gaining jobs while Illinois falls further behind. ..... We should all help Illinois become competitive with its neighboring states."

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