Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Monday, May 4, 2015

Where are the facts?

Carol Bay sent this letter. It appeared in the May 9 Dispatch/Argus and May 11 Quad-City Times. (..... marks paragraph breaks.) "It seems that all the supporters of higher sales taxes in Rock Island County can offer is an emotional appeal that it's "for our children". They seem to ignore simple facts. ..... Our Rock Island County schools are already generously funded, receiving more money per student than Scott County schools yet with poorer test results by every standard. It is claimed that newcomers to our area don't consider Rock Island County because of the appearance of our schools. It is more likely they are repelled by the poor academic records of our schools. We should be more concerned with raising test scores than building new athletic facilities. ...... Just as parents must say "NO" to their children when they spend their allowance too quickly and demand more, we must say "NO" to our schools when they constantly demand more money. Their appetite for money is insatiable. ..... I am tired of seeing Illinois ranked in the bottom 10 in almost every category. Our overall taxes are higher than those in every neighboring state yet the only answer our politicians offer is to raise taxes yet higher. People are not leaving Rock Island County and Illinois because taxes are too low. Cut spending, not raise taxes. ..... We should demand better accounting of how our schools use our tax dollars and ask how Iowa schools can achieve superior results with less money. Ignore the emotional appeals and look at the facts. Our schools should have plenty of money without a sales tax increase."

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