Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Vote NO 2 TAX APRIL 7th

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Voters, please say no to all frivolous tax increases

BILL LONG had the following letter in the January 10, 2015 Quad City Times and the January 13 Dispatch/Argus. In the Times it was offset by a letter asking for even more of our tax money. "'No vote sends message. I do believe that the voting public loses faith in their public officials when they consistently ask for a tax increase! ..... Our county board is going to discuss the fate of Hope Creek next Thursday. You can bet that one option will be some way to increase the support they are getting. That, tied to the pending courthouse situation, is almost a guarantee of future tax increases. ..... Now the almost annual request for a tax increase for the schools is again presented to us. This proposal was defeated in 2009 (proponents spent over $42,000 then). It was again defeated in 2014 (they spent over $38,000 that time). ..... After it was defeated twice, the Moline system didn't seem to have any trouble finding millions to make changes and for construction. ..... Whenever the school systems want to do something, they always seem to find the money. ..... You never hear any thoughts of cutting back on principals and supervisors to save money or discussions regarding the excess salary of some of these supervisors. You only hear that some teachers or their salaries will have to be cut, and our children will suffer. ..... Don't be misled by some of the baloney suggesting if the increase is passed, perhaps the property tax could be reduced. There are plenty of examples in our area where this also proved to be a fallacy. ..... A "no" vote on this will get the message to these public officials that if they require more funds, they must first be more conservative with their spending and have a better accounting of how they use our current dollars. ..... Please continue to vote "no" on any frivolous tax increase.

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